consensism (n):the action or belief that all members of any group should be heard equally, democratically, and anonymously at all times
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DISCLAIMER: we cannot accept requests from ownership presently. if you are a community stakeholder unable to thrive or believe your organization is operating without a sustainability conscious - tell us your situation anonymously and we will make our best effort to include your workplace in our limited beta trail
select the top ‘team security question’ aka “mink” for your community
motivated stakeholders can suggest & vote for knowledge-based team password-questions with the most popular mink at any time serving as your community’s decentralized gatekeeper — verifying but never identifying anonymous stakeholders
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to avoid hearsay and potential retribution, community activists can use our ‘anonymous share’ feature to invite fellow teammates and stakeholders without risking being labeled a ‘troublemaker’
make your workplace transparent
use the power of anonymous numbers to show leadership what matters most to your community.  call out hypocrisy & dysfunction, celebrate unsung heroes, and find out what your community really believes — without propaganda, peer pressure or politics
freeze global warming 
86% of consumers only want to support sustainable companies but don’t know which are which. 79% of consumers only trust employees but can’t hear a verified community insider, rate your company from the inside to generate the world’s first comprehensive, public-facing, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) sustainability metrics — showing the world how it treats its people, planet and profits