voice everything
(remain untraceable)
anonymously grade your company’s ESG metrics and show the public how it treats people, the planet, and its profits in unified consensus- without fear of retaliation
how it works
list your workplace (anonymously)
as long as we have started hosting your industry, you can request to list your workplace 100% anonymously without anyone knowing it was you
create a ‘mink’™
allow team members to create a group password to verify each other with common knowledge only. no logins, emails or personal data required
alert your team (anonymously)
our anonymous share feature allows you to invite people in your team without revealing your identity
address everything (safely)
speak your mind freely & anonymously for the first time in history without fear of retribution AND see your coworkers’ opinions in democratic consensus
make your workplace accountable
your team’s private ratings create public “ESG” scores — informing the public how your company treats people, the planet, and its profits
the world literally wants to know
of consumers
want to support sustainable companies but don’t know which is which
*(Business Wire, 2021)
of investors
(and 95% of millennial investors) believe sustainable companies are more profitable
*(Morgan Stanley, 2020)
of leadership
want to hear the honest truth but can’t get their teams to talk
*(internal surveys, 2019)
of workers
want to address problems and know what their co-workers think
*(internal surveys, 2019)
your team runs the show
control the top ‘mink’™
a motivated team can out-vote everyone else to select the question that everyone else must be able to answer to be verified as an insider. just create and vote-up questions that only your teammates will know
address everything safely
speak and vote in consensus on every issue so everyone in your team can see what matters and by how much. the result is a comprehensive digital nervous system connecting everyone in real time around the real issues that matter
promote accountability
rate individual subjects with one tap to generate universal E.S.G. scores and show the world how your company treats people, the planet, and its profits